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Stone  is a beautiful way to anchor an outdoor space. Lincoln Landscaping uses  all different medium to install beautiful outdoor creations. 

Landscape Installation


Lincoln Landscaping installs plant material using the practices recognized as the most sustainable in the industry. 

Landscape Maintanence



Lincoln  Landscaping provides some of the best landscape maintenance that can be  found.  From cutting lawns to trimming hedges we are capable, talented,  and neat.  Our gardens are weeded, deadheaded, and well kept thanks to  our attentive crews and dedicated people.

Landscape Design


Dave Lincoln has been designing all types of landscapes from container plantings to full property landscape plans for over 20 years.  His unique and personalized designs could be just what you need to make your landscape the perfect outdoor space for you and your family to enjoy. 



 Lincoln  Landscaping is dedicated to helping our customers improve the  environment whenever possible.  For those who are interested in organic  programs for fertilization and pest control. 

Project Management


 Lincoln  Landscaping will manage your entire outdoor project from the ground  up.  We have experience with local contractors and can supervise the  completion of the project successfully every time.